Toulouse 2020

Growing Centre

Europan 2011, Selected Finalist

Architektur: Philine Schneider, Joanne Pouzenc
Landschaftsarchitektur: Annika Janthur
Mitarbeit: Ghislain Pouzenc

The city center of Toulouse presents a dense historical urban fabric in which few public green spaces try to balance the proportion city VS nature.
Taking the examples of the sustainable and liveable metropolis of the 21st century, the project propose to create urban density as well as liberating the ground and to create at the same time a new centralised green space, as big as possible, authorizing the multiplicity of uses.
Its proportion constitutes a natural bubble from which the city is no longer perceived, but still present. Natural link between the Canal du Midi and the future refurbishment of the industrial zone, the parc encourages the protection of the biodiversity.
The green space is a new meeting point: its distance from the city center, reachable by walking, extends the limits of the city nowadays formed by the natural border of the canal.